How poetry improves your writing

Posted on May 07, 2017 - 20:18

Writing verse is a great way to improve your writing. That's because it requires both structure and creativity

Poetry is a useful way to improve your writing skills. That's because it requires both structure and creativity. Let me explain.

Poetry, like music or art, is subjective. There are poems I don't like. The "flowery" stuff. And there are poems I enjoy - the gritty stuff written by the World War 1 poets for example.

How does it help to improve your writing, though?

Poems need structure

You can write free verse. Yes, you can. Free verse means writing in stanzas (verses) with no rules.

That's only half the job. If you choose a poetic form, such as a sonnet, a triolet, a Villanelle etc. then there are rules. So, you write in a creative mode - but follow the rules too.

Poems are a form of expression

You can let your creative juices flow when writing poems. You can tune in to your feelings and capture moments in time.

But, they should also make sense. Or, they should in my view. Banging on about something anyone else can't conceive of seems pointless.

So, while you are waxing lyrical, you still have to remember your reader.

Scores on the doors...

Let's see where we are up to, then:

  • Poetry let's you express yourself
  • Poetry is creative
  • There are still rules to follow - while you're being creative
  • you still need to keep your reader in mind

That sounds a lot like writing well in general, doesn't it?

Poetry is old fashioned isn't it?

Not if enough of us are writing contemporary poetry. And anyway, who cares? It's good fun and you don't have to publish them any where.

I'm the Death Metal Poet. Being a fan of death metal music and poetry gave me a good source of ideas for poems from the dark side.

It took me a while to have the courage to publish my poetry. But I do now, both on this site and my poetry site. That's because poetry demonstrates a certain skill and discipline within your writing. And I'm happy to show those skills to anyone who might what to hire me.

And, in a nutshell, that's how it helps your other writing - creativity in a structured framework.


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