Writing: can the writing process be completed on your mobile device?

Posted on May 03, 2017 - 21:56

Choice of device for writing seems less important these days. Can you really write using nothing ore than a smart phone?

Where we write has become almost irrelevant due to smart phone apps and tablets. But is writing via an app on your phone that practical?

I'm writing this post on my MacBook air. I jotted down the basic idea for it using iA Writer installed on my smart phone.

Writing an article/post using your phone might still sound odd. But it's a habit I've got into more often lately - especially with the larger screen on your average smart phone.

The question is: does writing using a smart phone app get the job done? I'd argue it does.

Not everyone is going to want to write an entire article using a smart phone keyboard. That doesn't mean it's not possible though. And if you happen to own a tablet, the keyboard will be plenty big enough for easy typing.

I did the prewriting and drafting steps of the writing process using my phone.

Next up, I completed the revising step too, reading through the draft in a quiet moment during my lunch break. Again, I used my phone.

I switched to my MacBook Air for the editing and publishing stages. But that's not to say I couldn't edit using my phone - I have done for other pieces of writing.

Publishing is not a problem via my phone either. My site has a responsive CMS.

So, it is possible to complete four of the five writing process steps on your mobile device. And all steps are possible.

It doesn't end there either. You can use your smart phone for research too.

  • You have a web browser for searching information.
  • You have access to your reference books in the Kindle app.
  • You could even publish your work using the Wordpress app if that's what you use.

It's possible to research and write a piece of work using nothing but your smart phone or tablet. It's an easy way to get the words down , then edit and refine them later. There are plenty of apps to help you get it done too.


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