The blog - I've introduced this section as "the blog". Which implies that it's only part of the site. The reality is: this site is a blog. Anyway, have a read and enjoy. I've tried to write the posts with you in mind.

Using traits in Laravel

Traits are a great way to reuse code throughout your web application. Here's a quick overview.

How poetry improves your writing

Writing verse is a great way to improve your writing. That's because it requires both structure and creativity

Cry of the gulls

This was a 5-minute poem written in a Tesco's car park in early February...

The long run

Running a long way can be a painful experience, as captured in this poem...

Writing: can the writing process be completed on your mobile device?

Choice of device for writing seems less important these days. Can you really write using nothing ore than a smart phone?

Why coding one thing at a time makes sense

Breaking app code up into functional chunks makes sense because it results in clean code. It's not easy, though.


Stuff I go on about

Random Haiku

The air is warmer,
So I run for much longer,
And sweat much more too.